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Guerrilla style - Pharmacy store installation across the USA.

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Nearly volunteers from 50 states took part in a massive act of guerrilla activism. On the weekend of June 8th and 9th they placed “ At-Home Abortion Kit” wire coat hangers in to pharmacy stores across the United States from Los Angeles, New York Alabama Georgia and Utah. The Project is intended to highlight the significant health risk to the lives of many women following the tough new abortion term term limits passed in number of states. Not to mention the grotesque infringement on the rights of women everywhere.

Women should be free to make their own choices about their health, these rights are protected by the constitution under Roe v Wade. However, old wealthy white, driven by their misguided belief in ‘God’ seem to think they know what is best for women.

The states are turning back the clock on progress, healthcare and rights by decades.

One of the participants in the action Jess Wiercz from Oregon said:

"I feel scared knowing that I am losing the legal right to make decisions regarding my own body. I am livid knowing that the bans on abortion are being passed primarily by men who have the privilege of never needing to have access to abortions, (necessary healthcare; a life-saving procedure). I am both scared and angry knowing that there are women with a platform for influence who are supporting these decisions to dissolve their own human rights. Plastic Jesus' project reminds us that despite the bans women WILL get abortions, but they will now have to risk their health and risk being criminalized to do so. Its hard to know what to do to make a change as an individual, but this has been an opportunity for me to make a statement”.


Shana Pederson who placed hangers in Stores in New Jersey said

I’m participating in this direct action assisting Plastic Jesus to support all of my sisters in those states passing these repressive, regressive anti-choice laws. This is a reminder of what our mothers and grandmothers fought for, a call to action to protect women’s rights and to protect Roe vs Wade. This is not “pro-abortion” as many in the media have grossly termed it, this is “pro-choice” - “pro-female agency” and “pro-women’s rights”

Plastic Jesus shipped out around 200 white wire coat hangers across the country with specially printed ‘product tags’. The hangers were placed in Pharmacy stores across the US during the weekend (June 8/9).


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In Case of Emergency…

An Edition of 10 Veuve Clicquot Fire Extinguishers.

Mixed media including metal bodied extinguisher, gold leaf, glass fronted wooden case.



The art of Noise - Melting guitar by Plastic Jesus

The Art of Noise…

An edition of only three Red Fender Stratocaster guitars, fully working.

Each piece is numbered and signed on the rear and supplied with a C of A.

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